From the first contact

Pet Undertakers Ltd will be with you every step of the way and keep you fully informed at all times.

When the time comes, Pet Undertakers Ltd will make the necessary arrangements to bring your pet into our care, whether it be from your home or a veterinary practice.

Our specially designed Private Ambulances will bring the pet to our Chapel of Rest, where you are more than welcome to spend some time saying goodbye.


Our Promise To You

  • We do not freeze any animals that come into our care.

  • We do not put animals into plastic bags closed with cable ties.

  • We do not use en-masse cremation.

  • We do use pet beds and blankets to transport your pet comfortably.

  • We do treat all the animals with care and respect.

  • We do guarantee that the returned ashes are 100% your pet.

From there, your pet is taken to our own crematorium and individually cremated.

The ashes will then be returned to you in your choice of casket or scatter tube.

Returning your Pets Ashes

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Different ways to get in Contact

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