We Do NOT charge for Puppies and Kittens up to the age of 12 weeks old, this service is completely FREE.

Included in the price is the following:

  • Pet Undertakers Ltd cover the counties of Hampshire and Dorset

  • Arrangements for collection from home or veterinary practice

  • Guaranteed individual cremation

  • Return of ashes within 72 hours.

  • Fur Clipping.

  • Scatter Tube.

A little something extra…..

We also offer a variety of extras at very reasonable prices:

  • Caskets

  • Bamboo Scatter Pouches

  • 1 x inkless paw print with frame

  • Moulded Paw Prints

  • Framed Memorial

Returning your Pets Ashes

To see more of our Pet Tributes, please visit our


Teddy Bear Collection

These Beautiful Huggable bears are exclusive to us at Pet Undertakers Ltd, where the ashes of your much loved pet can be placed inside and embroided onto the belly with name of pet, date of birth to date of death with upto 10 kisses

Garden Pet Memorials

We are proud to offer our stunning Pet Garden Memorials exclusively to Pet Undertakers Ltd.  To find out more, click on the button below.

Man walking his dog in the woods standing backlit by the rising sun casting a warm glow and long shadows.

Different ways to get in Contact

Please take the time to get in contact with us, via our Contact Us page or our home on Facebook