Pet Undertakers Ltd offer a personal, sympathetic service tailored to meet the individual needs of both owners and their recently departed pets.

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Why Pet Undertakers?

Our service was born out of personal experience.

As lifelong pet owners, we had the difficult decision to have one of our dogs, Skipper, put to sleep at the vets.

We were offered various alternatives to how we would like his remains dealt with.

We chose individual cremation with his ashes returned.

Whilst this sounded the best option for us, the downside of this was that Skipper would need to be frozen and stored at the vets, awaiting a weekly collection service where he would be collected with other pets and clinical waste and taken to a large disposal facility.

Although we are not saying this is wrong, we just thought there could be a better, more sympathetic way for people that wanted a more dignified service for their pets.

We have designed our service to be very responsive and personable and dedicate our service to your particular wishes.

Mark Johnson


Garden Pet Memorials

We are proud to offer our stunning Pet Garden Memorials exclusively to Pet Undertakers Ltd.  To find out more, click on the button below.

Man walking his dog in the woods standing backlit by the rising sun casting a warm glow and long shadows.

Memories deserve nothing less


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